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Welcome to TopRides.com.au.

Here we will attempt to bring you some of the best motorcycle rides and roads in Australia.

Australia has some of the most diverse and exciting riding roads in the world but we can’t possibly bring them all to you on our own, so we are seeking the help of our motor cycling community.

Tell us your story, where did you go for your last great ride? Give us the details of how far you have to travel? What did you see? The places you stopped along the way, if the food, coffee or beer was excellent tell the world. If you think you should have passed on through to the next town let us know and between us we can develop a resource we can all enjoy to make the experience of your next ride that much better.

We don’t want to limit ourselves just to the bitumen either. There are heaps of top rides out there where a little gravel can be fun too. Our forests, dirt tracks remote towns and villages have so much to offer that we want to share these with as many friends as possible, so send us your thoughts.

Got a new widget, accessory, idea or message that needs the attention of the motor cycling community? Let us know and we may even advertise it for you free of charge until 30/6/2010.

While I have plenty of roads I love to ride, I can’t ride them all and everyone has a different perspective of what it is that makes a ride special. If you write well (not like me) and can provide humorous and entertaining stories of your motor cycling adventures with your mates, I’ll even entertain the idea of paying you for your contribution. If you’d like to email me about regular contributions I’ll let you know of some of the other great financial benefits of becoming a regular contributor no cost to you involved.