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The Putty Road is renowned for its long loping hills and corners, low traffic, and all-round temptation to riders. Snaking through 160 km of Sydney Basin hill-country, the Putty takes you from Windsor west of Sydney to Singleton in the Hunter valley , and through the small town of the same name: Putty.
The putty has much to offer the Sydney-sider on a weekend ride, as well as for travellers from further afield. Coming up from the plains around the Hawkesbury River, the road dips and peaks over sandstone ridges until falling in with the Hunter River. The road has a wide range of corners, quick and slow, sharp and wide—there’s somethingfor everyone. A few straights in the middle section break up the ride, letting you open up after all those curves.
As Putty Road runs between the borders of two national parks—Wollemi National Park to the west, and Yengo National Park to the east—you get a pretty quiet ride most of the time with minimaltraffic. However Trucks are a problem so keep to your side of the road and be mindful of stray wildlife.
As well as the external hazards, speed is a major temptation for riders and drivers of the Putty. In recent years the accident rate for bikers has risen as high as one per week.end so please stay out of the statistics and take it easy.  While Putty Road does lend itself to self-centred riding, the blind corners and long bends should be approached with respect.