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Friday, 26 June 2009 01:45

We arrived in Orbost on day 4 of our 2009 Snowy  trip after leaving Omeo in Victoria’s high country after a good nights rest and breakfast at the magnificent Golden Age Hotel, we headed south to Bairnsdale and Orbost. Given more time I’m sure there is a better route from Bairnsdale to Orbost than the mind numbing Princess hwy. If you’ve found a more interesting way to get from Omeo to Orbost I’d be grateful to hear about it. We’ll go that way next time.

We filled up before heading north for the Bonang rd. The Bonang Road is a mostly sealed tight and twisty forest rd that winds its way from near Orbost vic to Delegate River just over the border in NSW. The first sign that we were in for a blast was the yellow diamond sign featuring the squiggly black line with the arrow head pointing up. Underneath the arrow it simply read 104klm !!!!   I didn’t stop smiling for the next hour or so in fact I don't know how I managed to get my helmet off I was grinning so hard!!!.

The road is in good condition although narrow in places with all manner of corners. An exilerating ride but be careful as many of the corners don’t have speed advisory signs. We  managed to cover about 45klm and saw only 3 cars before taking a short break, it was worth it just to hear the the silence of the forest for a few minutes.  For those towing caravans, boats or heavy loads the Bonang Road is mountainous and should be avoided, which is precisely why its so much fun on two wheels.
Although there is plenty of oportunity test your capabilities there are also numerous warning signs refering to the logging trucks that operate in the area most of the year round. I wouln't like to meet one unexpectedly in the middle of a corner, your options are likely to be fairly limited. 
Closer to Delegate and in some areas you may strike a few dirt sections or roadworks but don't let that deter you from taking this top ride. Its well worth the effort to get there and you can rest assured we will be going back again next year.
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