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Monday, 20 July 2009 06:44
Much has already been written about the Waterfall Way but this site is about the best places to ride, so it wouldn’t be complete without an entry.

The spectacular ride along the Waterfall Way covers 153kms from Armidale heading east to the Pacific hwy about 25ks south of Coffs Harbour. However the bit I’m interested in runs east from Ebor to Bellingen via Dorrigo and Thora. You can get to Ebor from Armidale or in this case I arrived via the Armidale rd from Grafton.

While in Ebor it’s worth while taking a short break to check out the Ebor Falls and the Guy Faulks river. eborfallsThe Small Servo at the top end of town is a good place to fill up if you need to, as there’s no more fuel stops until you hit Dorrigo. Inside you’ll find an interesting collection of old stuff and reasonable food while you ponder the next leg of your journey. The coffee coinsures will be disappointed but when it’s 5 full degrees outside you’ll drink anything warm.

The undulating hills along the top of the great divide offer a relaxed and picturesque ride. This is one of the best, a smooth-surfaced road with wide and generous sweeping bends give a roller-coaster ride as it winds its way down to the Dorrigo plateau. If you can drag yourself off the bike for a minute or two there really are some stunning views to be had up here.


Dorrigo sits atop the rugged eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range at an altitude of 762m.

Apart from the fabulous scenery, beautiful rainforests, waterfalls and national parks, Dorrigo is a vibrant community, with plenty of facilities, entertainment, arts, culture and heritage.

Much like the river that flows down the valley, the Waterfall Way descends about 12 klms or so though lush tropical rainforests snaking its way to Thora and Bellingen below. The surface is about as good as you can get and much improved from years gone by. It’s not a bad idea to stop and admire the falls along the way, maybe someone could write and tell us about them cause I didn’t want to interrupt the flow. When you get to Thora the choices are to keep on going or turn around and go back up the hill…It was a nobrainer really, mountain roads are always better uphill !! Bellingen will just have to wait.

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